About the Author: Meet Daun Whittaker

Daun Whittaker is the Founder and retired Executive Director of Victory Transformation, Inc. A local mission in Oswego, NY that helps people who are homeless or have critical needs get on their feet again through love, life skills, counseling and support.

Daun has dedicated her life to working with people in poverty and other vulnerable populations such as people with disabilities, mental health issues and victims of domestic violence.

Since 2009, Daun has been counseling in her private practice. She received her Master’s in Social Work from Syracuse University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is also a certified psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner and holds a Doctorate of Theology in Christian Counseling from Summit Bible College in Bakersfield California.

Daun lives in Oswego with her husband, Bill Whittaker. The couple has five adult children and one grandson.